About Us

Before you go anywhere else and look for a cheaper, less expensive rate please read this before you do. It could save you thousands of dollars.

Yes, you can find a Process Server that will charge you $20 to serve papers. Yes, they will fill out the Affidavit of Service, get it notarized and send it to you. Here’s the problem. You get what you pay for !

One, they may not be licensed. Not all parts of New York require a license. Two, they may not be insured, which to us says they are not very professional. Three, most tell you that they go to a location three times when they don’t and then do a simple “Nail & Mail” and charge you for doing nothing. Last and most importantly, some will actually fill out an Affidavit of Service even when they never served the documents! Any of these can cost you from winning your case !

So, with that being said, we take our work very seriously and go above and beyond. We actually either take a photo or a video when we serve papers ( approximately 90% of the time depending on the situation ). We do this so there is no doubt that the documents got served. There is no way anyone can contest a photo or a video of them holding the papers in Court and say they didn’t get served. We do not know of any other company that does this.

We also treat each case and client as if they are our only one. Each client gets what we call “VIP Treatment” from the minute we begin to discuss the case and what needs to be done. We do whatever we can to help you at any time. We work for you! If you wish to be notified by email, phone, fax, text, etc., we will get you the details immediately when the documents are served or we have any other information.